A well-thought investment program available for everyone. Just register in the program, credit your account and start receiving your first dividends in 24 hours.

Affiliate program

Become a Synergy Invest partner and receive a 5% award for every new customer you bring.

Team of experts

A professional team of experts is at your service. Our specialists many years experience allows to analyze and control the risks multiplying our customers� capital.


Safe and proven account crediting methods for our system. Dedicated server, SSL-encryption and DDOS protection.

Standard Plan

34% Hourly For 4 Hours
min $10 - max $4,999
+10% bonus to first deposit

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Advanced Plan

56% Hourly For 4 Hours
min $50 - max $14,999
+10% bonus to first deposit

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Professional Plan

112% Hourly For 4 Hours
min $100 - max $30,000
+10% bonus to first deposit

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Welcome to ZyCrypto

ZyCrypto Company offers a chance to multiply your capital and receive high interest with the minimum risk. ZyCrypto was created as the result of combining the experience and knowledge of a group of financial market and investment specialists. All the investors� funds are forwarded to the yielding Forex, exchange commerce and Internet projects. Thus, our company�s substantial income is formed and the investors receive their high interest. The risk is minimal due to the well-thought assessment of every project and funds deposition. While managing our investors� funds, we pay the greatest attention to investment safety, profitability, minimal risks and stability. Our specialists long-term experience allows to analyze and control risks to the highest standards and multiply our customers� capitals. Our interests agree with yours.� income is formed as a part of the investor�s income. We contribute a lot of professional knowledge and experience to achieve the best result.

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ZyCrypto : Lottery will be Start at 23/02/21 (Only Active Member)



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